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I play a lot of games & of all of the games I play - I'm always looking for something a little different. This particular game gives me both - it's a different / little game.


A couple of years ago, XCOM was the difference I was looking for (My "game of the year" that year as a matter of fact.) This game is not of that caliber but offers a new enough experience to be mentioned in the same sentence.

Oxenfree is part RPG, part side scrolling platformer, part John Hughes film -

(Paranormal thriller)

I haven't gotten very deep into it but have enjoyed what I've played so far.

You play as Alex -


A girl (about 17, though that is never specifically said) that has recently lost her older brother Michael, whom she idolized. Her father (I think it's her father) remarries and in that "package" comes a brand new step brother - Jonas (also about 17 I think). An emo kid with an opinion about just about everything.

Alex invites her new step brother with her to meet up with some friends on an island they frequented as kids.

Her friends Ren, an annoying know it all that could easily be Ducky from "pretty in pink" (look it up and watch it) Clarissa, the constantly Bitchy friend & ex girlfriend of Alex's brother Michael. And Nona the Ally Sheedy equivalent from "the breakfast club" (also a go watch) have already arrived and are waiting for them.

Things take a quick turn for the spooky when Jonas finds a cave he's compelled to enter. They find a radio that tunes into - what I can only think is an alien radio station. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on but am having a good time getting there.

The game looks like Tim Burton drew it then made it move. Think Coraline. You go from place to place on a tiny map of the island (which can be a pain). Most of the game consist of the interactions with the other NPCs. 3 option verbal response choices guide the story.

Answer negatively and your friendships will be affected. Positively vice versa.

The dialogue is greatly written and well delivered from the VO actors. The replay ability seems high just wondering what would've happened if you answered differently.

Scooby doo on steroids in this beautifully illustrated game that keeps you wondering whats around the next corner.

Awesome at only $20 bucks - go check it out.

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