NERD REVIEW: The Division

What's going on folks - Ed Johnson here & I have a confession.

I thought I was above hype. Whether it be negative or positive, I just thought it never applied to me. I believed I was above it.

I was wrong.

I am admitting here and now that I nearly made a mistake. I almost avoided this game completely - based solely on the importance put on its resolution. To be fair, after the release of the now infamous E3 trailer last year it was their (Ubisoft's) own fault.

Turns out - no, the game doesn't look as good as that trailer but is still far from poor.

It's not perfect - I have some issues with it (however remember, this is all based off only playing the betas & not the final game) that said - I am enjoying it.

But before we get into the particulars, let me defend myself a second here.

My judgement of the way this game looks in the beta - in comparison to what it looked like in the trailer is coming in the wake of the bad taste left by other recent game disappointments.

Destiny (pre-second season), Halo the master chief collection & a few others - that promised so much then under delivered.

There just seems to be a new ploy to push out unfinished games (that are actually finished just not provided at sale) only to rake loyal gamers over the coals thru DLC. That doesn't have anything to do with this game (yet) other than the feeling I got when shown how it could look - then given this to play.

I just lumped it up into the other lies. That wasn't fair. After playing the closed and now in the middle of the open beta - I really enjoy this game. The atmosphere, the gunplay, the realistic take in New York.

It's solid.

Now some of my issues:

The game mechanics feel slightly dated. The avatar's interaction with the environment is at times clunky, the camera work can be a little frustrating & I wish there were more diverse lines of dialogue from the civilian NPCs.

The gunplay is great. So is the weapon upgrades. I said to a friend that I couldn't tell if it were the fact that because this was a reality based game, the upgrades resonated more with me more as opposed to the future setting of destiny.

The other thing, I wasn't a fan of the dark zone gameplay my first go round. But with some tweaks made by Ubisoft this time around - like accidental shots not automatically making you rogue or faster extractions made for a better experience.

Also, there were large groups of marauders that terrorized the area last time I played. This time I ran with a couple of friends (highly recommend) and was able to hold my own better.

Is it a purchase? Yes absolutely!

Will it run out of stuff to do?

For that we'll have to wait and see March 8 2016


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