NERD BLOGN! GTA Beating Them at Their Own Game

GTA Beating Them at Their Own Game

I was reading (or watching) recently how, of the many titles updated annually by Take Two Interactive - Rockstar's "Grand Theft Auto V" would not be one of them.

One of my many gripes (the list grows longer) of annual titles is that - they don't offer enough variety to warrant receiving another 60 dollars from me.

Sports games get a bit of a pass because of the constant flux of new talent arriving to the various leagues every year - but even with those titles, I tend to skip a season.

A slight differential in graphics or a button addition is not a new game.

I even noticed, at least with the multi issued "NBA LIVE" franchise (that I'm oddly still deathly loyal to) customization and trades were limited.

I played NBA LIVE 10 for 4 years with its creation & trade options. It's clear though, they don't want a game with that long a shelf life.

It seems GTAV is the exception to this rule. Nearly three years old, the game's sales are still in the top ten.

•Maybe because unlike many current titles - Rockstar didn't give you a partial, unfinished game.

•Maybe because the online component has been update at least 10 times with downloadable content that they haven't asked a dime for.

•Maybe because the micro-transactions are genuinely an "option".

I have no problem giving my money to a company who seems to have no problem giving so much to me.

A friend of mine just recently caught on to GTA's lightning and has stopped playing all of his other half baked titles.

3 years old! Games don't live that long!

As Reilly from "The Boondocks" might say "Game recognize game Grandpa!"

Take Two refuses to milk Rockstar's franchises and instead leave them to their genius. And genius it is. This feel like it's made by guys who've lived. Not by guys who tell stories of what they think living is like. It's an interactive action movie that continues to evolve.

I watched an old stream of my gameplay and was amazed how far my avatar has come. I have memories of his exploits and feel for him when he fails.

The love the creators feel for this game is felt in the microscopic details given random street posters.

Felt and appreciated.


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