NERD BLOGN!: REVIEWS: Gears of War 4 Beta

NERD REVIEWS: Gears of War 4 Beta

I cannot legitimately judge this beta fully because I played it for a total of only 42 to 43 minutes (see video below)

Graphically: this would have been and had been impressive when the first game debut in 2007. By today's standards however (even The Division with its res turn down) this game looks dated and kind of ugly.

(NOTE: this is just the beta)

The gameplay: is great if this was the first time I had ever played Gears. But by today's standards, it's herky/jerky & the cover system that everyone copied, feels like this is a copy of that mechanic. You get stuck often & dead on shotty shots seem to have no effect.

Here's the thing - if they changed too much - no one would like it because it wouldn't be gears. Change nearly nothing & it's not as fun as other games - making it feel simple and old.

Die hard fans & lovers of nostalgia will buy this game. However I don't see it having a very long shelf life unless the campaign is phenomenal or the multiplayer is over hauled in the final version.

Based on the beta - for me it's a pass.

But, it's just the beta (and as you'll see in my video, I was tired when I played) maybe I'll give it another shot. (Clearly I want to give this game a good review) but alas...


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