NERD BLOGN! The Marketability of Pain

This week Beyonce expressed her pain while exposing JayZ's alleged infidelity on her new album "Lemonade" & the masses ate it up.

Rallying behind her blindly - so blindly that some are cyber attacking culinary personality Rachel Ray...

... rather than the actual accused woman Rachel Roy.

Feels like more & more people are just looking for something to hate no matter the reason - while on the other side you have the profiteers exploiting it.

Gwen Stefani learns of her cheating husband & excitement of finally some quality music coming our way from Stefani is the buzz. Not how is she doing? How are the children doing? Just well the last time she got crushed we got "Tragic Kingdom" (rubs hands together).

Charlemagne tha God on The breakfast club morning radio show hoped to Keshia Cole's face that she were heart broken a few months back over "Boobie" Gibson cheating on her multiple times because, quote: "no one wants a happy Keshia Cole" - she puts out better music when she's hurt.

I don't have a point or a sum up to this. It simply struck me of the callousness we seem to be basking in of late - so much so that its profitable.

Doesn't that strike anyone as strange? If only just one of you acknowledge it I'd be happy - because it'd mean you're still alive. That you still care. That you all haven't become a series of ones and zeroes.

This post is a bit contradictory for me - a normally callous individual myself - but this resonated with me.

Jayz is said to be putting out a response to his wife's album.

Shouldn't the response be only to her? An "I'm sorry" if it's true. A reassurance if it is isn't - but again only to her?

He may have already - how would I know.

Oh that's right it would've charted by now.



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