NERD BLOGN! Eatn! Review: Excellent Dumpling House

Oh Excellent Dumpling House - you delicious food brothel - I love ya!

Located at 111 Layfette btwn Canal & Walker (6 train)

My favorite over all spot in New York to get (what I consider the best in the city) Chinese food is from this lil hole in the wall (no offense) I've frequented for nearly 20 years now.

That only adding to its appeal.

In an ever changing city where the historical relevancy of say a CBGB's

isn't even respected - hoping your favorite restaurant stays open is usually just a dream.

This spot has stood the test of time - changing very little. Tiny and charming would best describe it & a great test to see if you're with the right girl.

Take someone new here - the decor leaves something to be desired - but get passed that / to the food & you'll never leave. You'll also see if she there for you or the location, location, location!

My dish is the shrimp & broccoli in cucumber sauce with brown rice but you'll do yourself a dis-service to not try the dumplings. Steamed or fried both are dope!

Get a to go order of scallion pancakes & write me after, thanking me for the gift I've just bestowed!



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