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September 27, 2016

When is Passion simply a tantrum?

Yesterday I witnessed the worse behavior by a wide receiver since the "passion" filled sideline antics of Dallas receiver Dez Bryant.


O'Dell Beckham jr. embarrassed (I would say himself - but I doubt that level of self awareness exist) the organization, his teammates and for some - his fans. 

Watching a grown man act like a toddler over a game whether it's profession or not was just hard & sad to watch.


Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, Al Toon - not even Michael Erving would've had the tantrum that ODB demonstrated yesterday during the game against the redskins but this is a trend that's becoming more & more the norm in a league of this generation's prima-donna-thletes. 


A new strain of the "ego virus" greater than the one that afflicted the "Prime-times" or the aforementioned Erving's or even the Keyshawn's. This virus "the Kayne-strain" would see the game stop completely -simply to watch the "ME's" as they proceed in making complete asses of themselves. 


Colin Kaepernick kneels for the betterment of us as a whole - O'dell Beckham stands for the betterment of himself. 


I suggest we give it to him too or he'll cry

or lose fights to athletic equipment.

 Giants lost (not only the game).




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