Tense thriller Suburban Cowboy, from Ryan Colucci and Grammy-nominated EDM artist Dragan Roganovic (aka Dirty South), will have its world premiere at the 2016 Austin Film Festival in October. Written by Colucci, the gritty caper follows a drug dealer on Long Island who finds himself over his head when one of his soldiers robs a connection to ruthless Serbian gangsters. When the debt falls on his shoulders he is forced to take drastic measures. Frank Raducz Jr, Alandrea Martin, Louie Iaccarrino, and Matty Finocchio star. Ryan Colucci produced ‘’With You’’, a film directed by Grammy-nominated EDM artist Dirty South based on his album of the same name. It debuted at #1 on iTunes in the fall of the same year. Ryan was a producer on Battle for Terra, a CG-animated feature released through Lionsgate nationwide in May of 2009. Ryan is currently co-directing the hand-drawn animated film “Orient City’’, with Zsombor Huszka which just finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign. He is also producing an adaptation of George R.R. Martin's World Fantasy Award Winning ‘’The Skin Trade’’, a horror novella by the acclaimed NY Times #1 best-selling author of A Game of Thrones. Dragan Roganovic, aka Dirty South, is a world renowned DJ, two-time Grammy nominated producer and global festival headliner. Paradigm is handling Domestic sales while High Octane Pictures is handling international. “Suburban Cowboy” screens Monday, October 17, 9:30pm.

LONG SYNOPSIS : Jay and Victoria lead a good life on Long Island. Jay is content selling weed, not willing to risk their future with harder, but more lucrative drugs. When his childhood friend Alex shows up to pay off a debt, Jay uses the money to secure one hundred pounds of product. Unfortunately for him, Alex’s money was stolen from Vuk, a ruthless Serbian gangster. Although he hits the streets to collect his outstanding debt, he winds up with a little cash and a lot of blood on his hands. Running out of time, Victoria feeds him a plan. They travel upstate to rob a handicapped drug dealer. What was supposed to be an easy score turns into more violence and they come away with a dozen pounds of moldy weed. Options low, Jay arranges to sell the moldy weed to two Hasidic gangsters, who he robs of their cash. Although he now has enough to pay Vuk, Jay still has two days to spare and will be left with nothing. So he decides to spend it all on high-risk, high-reward MDMA; resigned to his cowboy lifestyle.