Streaming on can be an amazing experience at times. Other times, it can be a lonely one. As I search for my voice and community, I’ve found that having a regular schedule to stream during the week is one of the hardest things I’ve taken on since trying to start and maintain a podcast! Thankfully, I think I’m getting the hang of things though…

First thing I’ve noticed is that I jump around between games entirely too much! Yeah fam. I have gamer ADD. If you look at my streaming history in the past month I’ve played the following games:

Mafia III

I’m absolutely loving the decision to embed this game within the racial turmoil of the late 60’s. The tension feeds into the excellent story that was written. Trust. The racism in this game will make some uncomfortable. But hey… how is that any different from the Trump-ist society we live in today?

Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander

I spent a great deal of time playing this funny and addictive Star-Trek esque game. The nods to sci-fi movies and shows are rampant and the potential for this game to be much bigger and larger is so exciting to me. The combat is deep and pushes you when you least expect it. The XCOM like strategy also keeps you wondering if you should have chosen to research or build something else all the time. This is an EXCELLENT game. Hope to see more content VERY soon.


Filled with three story rich games, this collection features my fav game of all time, Bioshock. A part of me wishes this was a full fledged remaster but just being able to smoothly play it on my PS4 is enough for now. I doubt we’ll see a studio truly redo these games but the nostalgia will forever be high for me during playthru’s.

MechWarrior Online

The constant release of classic Battletech mechs keeps me coming back for more. This game has quickly replaced my love for Call of Duty competition. Grinding for money so that I can do my own rebuilds of new chassis’ fuels my constant return to this game.


The adventures of Bunneh Shuttlesworth (MyCareer mode) and my management of the Minneapolis Panthers (MyTeam mode) will keep me busy long into next summer. Hopefully I can work up into some serious MyPark and ProAm burn this edition!

Fallout 4

Open worldy goodness at its finest. I like this game a lot. Hoping that mods can work there way in to allow me to really be able to build in the encampments rather than the scare building Ive been forced into thanks to having so many places to build and not that much money to build from.

For Honor Beta

The beta quickly pushed me to pre-order this game. The melee combat was skill based, ferocious, and gorgeous. Can’t wait to show off my growing skill in streams when this drops next year.

As I’ve delved into each, I’ve certainly tried to speak to anyone who’s come into my chat room, but since they are often the only ones there, they often leave after a few minutes. As you can imagine, building a community is hard unless you’ve a platform that they either recognize you from already or you are referred by other quality streamers. Still trying to get up on that.

For quite some time, that ‘platform’ was supposed to be my Geekswagg Podcast and while we were getting some great convos, I never truly got that ‘community’ established. Growth has been slow and the journey has been a bit discouraging.

I’ve certainly learned that there is a need for me to utilize more plug-ins to bring in either music, bot based chat room management, and a regularly scheduled sweepstakes. It seems that many that pop into my channel are looking for handouts so, I suppose I gotta work into that. I also feel the need to work on my commercial and intro/outro polish. While watching the ‘pros’ I’m regularly astounded by their various layouts for different games, their professionally made vids that act as commercials to big up other streamers, and so on.

I’ve also gotta work to secure my own personal streaming clique. If I’m going to grow, I’ve got to actually play with other streamers regularly. That is probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed. This can be a bit difficult until I find that one or two streamers that seem to always play the games I do. EdJohnsonPresentsNERD is on that wavelength somewhat but that was back when DirtyHelmet and I played a lot of Halo 5. That died down quickly as we both started playing a lot of The Division (man I wish those endgame issues could get ironed out). I love my #LORTStreamTeam fam but many of them don’t hit up the game roster that I frequent as well. Whelp, my #BunnehRaid will grow in time I’m sure.

Within that, I need to have the setup to allow myself to hear that streamer on my stream as well. I think I have that covered with theElgato Chat Link Cable I purchased. During my hardcore Division days, the chat lag coupled with bad chat room audio really hurt my streams. I think I have that all resolved now.

Next up, I need to either utilize the green screen I’ve acquired or get a web cam the already strips out the background for me. This will help with doing custom videos, intros, and commercials as well since I’m trying to improve my video editing and content creation skills. I may even have to save up and buy Adobe Premiere. I currently use Pinnacle Studio but after watching a tutorial on how to make my own custom Borderlands boss intro style vids, I recognized that some features and default filters weren’t provided in Pinnacle. We’ll see though.

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