I just lost my first Xcom 2 campaign. I'm POSITIVE it won't be the last. I'm saddened and frustrated because I'm not sure what I did wrong - but I'm excited to restart and use all the new things I've learned to get further in a new campaign. I'm a glutton. Xcom 2 is punishing. Time is quite literally "of the essence". Firaxis tough loves the shit outta you and they give you a lot of reasons to cry your heart out. On the other hand they also give you a lot of what you wanted in the first game.

  • More customization

  • Different languages & accents

  • More in depth campaign

  • References to the first game

  • Tougher baddies

  • & a greater variety of maps

A recent example I used when describing it to a friend who had put in as many if not more hours in the first as I, was - "don't play this like you did the first. It is and it isn't Xcom. The new time element added to certain missions in the guise of "get there before the package is destroyed" or "do it in this amount of turns or else" is the brutal newness to the game you had better wrap your mind around quick or you're gonna lose a lotta guys & gals. The timer adds a great sense of urgency and makes you think much harder about the decisions you make but on the occasional mission - where you can fuck around for 30 turns - is very welcome change of pace back to the old. The remake from 2012 was my game of the year. I had very little experience with strat games at the time but was up to my eyes in shooters and needed something different. This was that different - and has up the ante. As brutal (and I keep using that particular word for a reason) as it is - if you loved the first one - you're gonna lose sooo many hours here. I lost a ton just on customizing my guys. Another great add is the character pool. Like a specific soldier? Or don't want to have to keep recreating your buddies you just let get vivisected by a big green steroid monster? Make em once and save em for a campaign in the future! I (in the vain of the now defunct Disney Infinity) created a toy box of characters I would play together if I were a kid. Lara Croft, Mario, Nathan Drake & many others

The learning curve is high & the penalty is harsh - but if it were easy what would be the point? It's a buy recommend from the NERD.


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