Miss Vicky & her Cutie Commandos Want YOU!!!

Miss Vicky & her Cutie Commandos Want YOU!!!

SUMMER, 1942 - As World War II raged on, men and women of the Allied Nations made many sacrifices for the cause of freedom. Much has been written of how women stepped into what were long considered to be “men’s work” as the country’s able-bodied males were called to military duty. Women also served in the military in non-combat roles, never officially placed on the front lines to fight. While it is well known a number of women bravely took part in the French Resistance, what of those American and English ladies who wanted to serve? Why didn’t the Allies use EVERY weapon in their arsenal to battle Hitler’s forces? After over 70 years, PROJECT: COMMANDO CUTIES has been declassified.

Six women recruited by Allied Military Intelligence, led by VICKY CRENSHAW, tour with the Allied Entertainment Corps by day as an “all-girl orchestra.” This allows them to get closer to the front lines, where they cross into enemy territory by night to gather intelligence and carry out sabotage missions. Their liaison with MI-5 and lone male team member is LT. THOMAS HARDY, given the cover story of being the assistant manager for the Allied Entertainment Corps troupe. PROJECT DETAILS MISS VICKY & HER CUTIE COMMANDOS #1 is a standalone story that sets the stage for the ongoing series. Work is underway and the book will be ready for July delivery.

CREATORS SEAN DULANEY (Writer) My credits include "F. Stein, Consulting Detective" and "Dreah, Queen of Thieves" for DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS (both now available digitally under my BiMor Comics imprint), 51 DELTA for Arcana and work for Markosia, Levity Biographies, TwoMorrows, Pro Se and Silver Phoenix. ELISEU GOUVEIA (Artist) Eliseu's clean lines have graced a number of European projects and American audiences have seen his work in VENGEANCE OF THE MUMMY and THE PHANTOM for Moonstone as well as work for Digital Webbing and Arcana. JASEN SMITH (Colors) Jasen has been working in comics since 2013, working with the greats like Marc Silverstri, Matt Hawkins, and Vince Hernandez. In early 2014, he began work with Top Cow, Aspen, and Hi*Fi Color and design. At Hi*Fi he has colored a number of titles such as FUTURE'S END, DOCTOR WHO, SUPERMAN, SUPERGIRL, and more. Join the team with more information and support via: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/452416420/miss-vicky-and-her-cutie-commandos-1