NERD BLOG MAY 1, 2017 Captain America: Chill! Everything's gonna be alright!

Why does everyone get so riled up over an obvious story arc!?!

I refer to the latest Captain America Hydra arc. I've read people calling it everything from disrespectful - to character ruining.

In truth - it's making you talk about a character that's over 75 years old.

Remember how insane you were when you thought he was dead?

Or old?

Or a werewolf?




They have to turn the story on its head folks!

How do you not get that by now. Same ol Cap is - nobody buying the book anymore Cap.

The fact that they did this shows a bravery that should be commended. Creators willing to take chances that can send fans to the hills is the team you want on a book. It keeps things interesting.

I for one don't want to see "golly gee" cap forever. You need to turn a pocket inside out once in a while - clear out that lint.

Give me stories that stir the pot everytime.

Good news kiddies - its the comics. He can be good ol' Cap in the next issue - breath.

Ed Johnson