Martian Lit Releases Martian Comics #11

Martian Lit is proud to release Martian Comics #11! The 23-page first issue features the return of our serial "The Girl from Mars" and explores the assassination of Martian Luther King, Jr.

The comic is priced at $2.99. It's written by Julian Darius, with art by Sergio Tarquini and Sara Nietto, and with colors by R. L. Campos. It's lettered by Darius and Steven Legge, with a cover by Darius.

The issue is available on ComiXology now! If you prefer a DRM-free PDF of the comic, it's available here.

You can learn more about the entire series on its webpage and on Facebook.

As an indy comics operation, we're very proud that Martian Comics has reached issue #11. This is our 16th comic issue overall, and we're looking forward to our landmark 12th issue, later this year!

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