They Came From Planet Rainbow Sparkles 2: Glitter In Your Eye!

From the farthest reaches of Outer Space, beyond the Gum Gum Galaxy and the Nougat Nebula, lies a planet of Magical Sparkle Glitter. Once a year the inhabitants of the tinsel covered shiny wonder that is Planet Rainbow Sparkle invade the Clutter Gallery. Spreading their rainbow filled joy, they bring pleasure and wonder to the boys and girls of the Designer Toy Universe. But warning! Don't turn your back on any glittery monster, they may all look cute, but one sneeze and you'll have glitter in your eye! Presenting the following amazing artists: Absurdery / American Gross / Beanie Bat / Chima Group / Czee / Danny Roldan / Domenico Scalisi / Dongcheol Choi / Ears & Dears / Eimi Takano / Eloise Kim / Erica Borghstijn / Flat Bonnie / Grumble Toy / Jackie Harder / Javier Jiménez / Jay222 / Jaykishen / JCORP / Jelly Koe / Kamenthya / Katie Gamb / Kelly Denato / Kendra's Customs / KKAMoxo / Kyle Kirwan / Lisa Rae / Hansen / Little Lazies / Magda / Miss Little Zombie / Mumbot / Ngaew Ngaew / Nympheas Dolls / Petit Kokolí / Rato Kim / Remjie / Rico / TOiNZ / Sad Salesman / SaoZen / Seulgie / Simon Says Macy / Steve Ferrera / Subconscious Tails / Tasha Zimich / Teresa Chiba / The Bots / Thomas I. Rabbits / Tweedlebop / TwelveDot / Valency Genis / Vanessa Ramirez / What The Farmer / Wild Whimsy Woolies / Zard Apuya / Ziqi

All artists were assigned a color and the exhibition will be displayed as a rainbow.

Javier Jiménez - Red

The Bots - Purple

Rato Kim - Blue

The Horrible Adorable Show!

The Clutter Gallery is proud to present an amazing solo spectacular from artist duo, Horrible Adorables! Horrible Adorables are the creations of husband and wife team, Jordan Elise Perme, and Christopher Lees. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, they met when studying at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where Jordan graduated with a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies, and Chris a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

The duo has a distinct and recognizable style. Using meticulously arranged patterns of felt scales and hand carved foam forms, their characters are uniquely cartoonish with a realistic undertone. Strange hybrid creatures from unknown fantastical worlds!

We are excited to see the duo return to The Clutter Gallery, and are so excited to have them attend the opening reception on Sept 8th!

Horrible Skitter Scarab

Adorable Pufflerump (pink

Horrible Pufflerump

Sniddlesnouse Group

Pomqyootie Group


The opening reception for both shows will be free to the public and take place on Sat, Sept 8th, from 6-9pm, at Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY. Free beer provided by our friends at Lagunitas and Mike's Hard Lemonade, PLUS amazing Gluten-free treats from North Brooklyn Eats!! Sales will be first offered to our Preview list subscribers. An email will be sent out on Saturday the 8th, at 12 (noon) est, with a link to preview and purchase. To sign up to the list please follow this link:

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