Central A&M High School, in Moweaqua Illinois Superhero Club

Central A&M High School, in Moweaqua Illinois, is starting a new club this school year.

It will be the Superhero Club. Sponsor, Art teacher Justin Smith, will be leading the team. On signup day there were 64 students who showed an interest. There are only 225 in the high school. Activities will include the obvious reading and sharing comics and graphic novels. Other activities will be watching trailers and movies that will stimulate conversation about characters. We hope to start our own cosplay costume and do visits to the local hospitals and nursing home. Another great idea is to be heros in our own community through service projects and a messengers group to activate when a need arises. Finally hosting our own RaiderCon for kids in the surrounding area to come and get comics for a few bucks not like a main show with high prices. Keep an eye out for future information on social media about what “The Avenging Raiders” are up to. Thanks for your support.

For more info contact - @amazingspydey

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