Our Hellish Necropolitan Contest Begins!

Okay before we dive in, we’ve gotta say WOW!!! Our Kickstarter for Necropolitan is 45% funded already, and we’re so humbled and thankful for that! You’re the best!

In order to keep things interesting during the Dreaded Kickstarter Plateau Doldrums, we thought it’d be fun to kick things up a notch by doing a little contest to give you a chance to win everything at the $250 pledge level!

Check out this mega-expensive, totally-not-cheap graphic:

To clarify on the five requirements / details:

  • You'll need to pledge at least $10. If your pledge is currently less than $10, you’ll need to raise it to at least $10.

  • Any comment on our Kickstarter campaign will do. Even “You guys smell.”

  • Be prepared to show us a screenshot of your campaign pledge share on Facebook.

  • Be prepared to tell us the name you used when you followed Necropolitan's Facebook page.

  • If you're receiving this, you've already completed the mailing list requirement! Just be prepared to tell us this email address, so we can confirm your identity.

To clarify on the prize, if you win:

  • You’ll email us a pic or two of yourself, and our artist will draw you as a prominent “extra” in issue #3.

  • If you’re interested in talking with co-creator Mike Phillips about Necropolitan, he’ll call for a minimum of 20 minutes to shoot the breeze. If you’re not in the U.S., we’ll have to set something up on Skype or Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger or a similar service.

  • Here are the issues you’ll get from the Martian Lit digital comics library (in PDF and CBZ formats): Martian Comics #1-14, Kimot Ren #1-2, Lazarus #0-1, and The Synthetics #1. You'll also get our "behind the scenes" package, with Necropolitan #1-2 in black-and-white, along with the scripts and a thank-you in the back of Necropolitan #2!

We’ll do the contest drawing shortly after after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, on 3 October.

As of this moment, no one's entered the contest, so your odds of winning this $250 reward for just $10 are currently really good! In other news, we're proud to say that our Kickstarter has been covered by both Brian Cronin at CBR and by Bleeding Cool! And we've added a special limited $40 reward level intended for new readers, which lets you get our entire comics collection for $10 (20%) less! And unrelated to the contest, here’s some information on Necropolitan and Martian Lit in general:

  • Check out all of our comics on comiXology.

  • Visit Necropolitan’s official webpage, and join Necropolitan on Facebook.

  • If you’d like to subscribe to Martian Lit’s comics, you can do so on Patreon.

Thanks so much for reading!

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